숨Sum_Breath The Dance film 'SUM:Breath' was made by the artistic director of 'Project 3N' and Korean choreographer 'Donghee Kim' from her personal experience of segregation during her life in American.

She wanted to use the concept of pure energy of human beings through the contrasting and harmonious images of inhale/exhale, yin/yang, darkness/light with the quality of Korean traditional culture.

The shadow of the world that reveals in the era of the pandemic: racism, human rights violations, hatred, violence, cruelty, economic polarization, crimes that use anxiety and fear.

We are all simple beings with different specialities in the universe. Wouldn't it be necessary to respect diversity, heterogeneity, and the existence of something itself? We need empathy to discover and share the love, positivity, and goodness that exist ithin us.

Project 3N is planning to do a global live streaming event in early 2021 of the short performance art film 숨SUM_breath.