3N or Third Nature has to do with humans in the modern society returning to our true nature, naturalism, and finding ourselves.
Project 3N is an artistic performance group pushing the boundaries of water and gravity with various technologies such as media and digital art while incorporating traditional aspects of Korean culture. The infinite expansion of art through art is the artistic direction of Project 3N.

Artistic Director KIM DONGHEE

“Through living in both Busan and Michigan, my perspective constantly changes. I constantly examine the environment and relationships that surround us with nature, animals, humans and technology. I ponder the influence that art has on these beautiful relationships.”
“Return to your true nature, our nature.”

Through combing my body with nature as well as natural settings and collaborating with different people and genres while incorporating various technologies I hope to create and constantly work towards a sustainable environment.


Eunbi Jo

Troy Zitzelsberger

Dabin Lee

The inaugural performance “Intolerable Beauty” was highly praised by critics and noted in the media as being highly artistic and experienced great popu- larity.

“Even when the dancers who performed various per- formances for 40 minutes step on the ground, the aftertaste and emotion of fantastic beauty do not easily subside. The movement using a small amount of time repulsing against gravity and centrifugal force was short and danger- ous which added to the intensity of the beauty of it all. Anxious beauty has a fatal charm. The dynamism and anxiety that shakes normal feelings and dri- ves them to an unfamiliar emotional state where imprinted with irresistible beauty.”

-Critic Lee Sang-heon

“It may be argued that audience voluntarily makes a choice to lie down on the street and that choice is a gesture-perfor- mance that occupies the street, thereby resonating with the meta-violence of “Intolerable Beauty” and dismantling the limitations of existing performances.”

-Critic Doo-Soon Jeong