Choreographed byDonghee Kim

· 6 dancers & 1 musician

· 40 min.

· Premiered : 2022. 6. 18 / Ryun Place

'Tea and Zen have the same taste'Meditation dance without formulas.
Tea and movement in the space of thoughts.
We look at the present with a gentle gaze.
Washing away the busy mind to the flowing tea.
Without boundaries between past and present,East and West, earth and sky,the attitude of life towards tea and Zen has beenpassed down through the ritual and philosophy ofthe tea ceremony.

Silencestarted from a question about the essenceof human beings revealed in a sense of unity withnature.
It captures the process of how the choreographer’s image of the Korean tea ceremonyexpands into a vertical space through movement.

The performance Silence nurtured a sense ofcommunity by inviting the audience to join inthe tea ceremony.
The tea leaves were gatheredfrom nearby plantations and the event wasfurther enhanced through collaboration withlocal ceramic artists.