Choreographed byEunbi Jo, Eunji Park, Hyobin Eom

· 5 dancers & 8 student participants

· 40 min.

· Premiered : 2022.12.13 / Asian Community School

2022 Project3N public art Project,
‘치유의자’ (The Healing Chair) began with the consideration about ‘의意’ (the function of the mindthat thinks and understands, or the main body of the mind). Beginning with contemplation, through questions such as ‘What traces and memories will my existence leave?’, we have been trying to express it visually by substituting the multi-semantic meaning of ‘의意’ with the material meaning of ‘chair’.
Under the theme of memory and traces, it is an exhibition and performance that expands the relationship between the environment, mind, and body surrounding the chair, seeks for and shares ways of coexistence between humans and nature.
Each trace (chair) and memory (story) is collected online and offline through the workshops for citizens.
The material and props for the performance are gathered by citizens who already signed for participating in the workshop, based on their memories about the chair.
This showcase was created by dancers from Project 3N and students of the Asian Community School exchanging and creating together through a 7-week workshop